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Oktoberfest Lost and Found

Posted by Carrie Leigh on

When over 6 million people gather at a beer festival, there's bound to be an interesting array of items left behind. In 2019, the Oktoberfest lost and found office had about 3,800 items, including 780 ID cards, 690 items of clothing, 660 purses, 465 bank cards, 420 smartphones and mobile phones, 300 keys, 155 glasses, 130 bags, backpacks and bags, 115 umbrellas, 55 pieces of jewellery and eight cameras.

Among the oddest things found at Oktoberfest were: A set of teeth, a pram, a UN card game, a measuring cup, a kitchen sieve, a wedding ring, a flugelhorn, the book "Dalí - the picturesque work" (in its original packaging) and 635.60 euros in cash.